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IDEA User Group

The IDEA UK User Group was established in 1991 as a non-profit organisation independent of the developers and distributors of IDEA, with the objective of promoting a free exchange of ideas, information, and experiences between users of IDEA.

The User Group is managed by a steering committee elected by members. Whilst independent of both CaseWare IDEA Inc. (IDEA developers) and AuditWare Systems Ltd. (UK distributors), they have close links with both our companies who support their efforts and regularly contribute to their meetings.

The main activity of the User Group is to organise twice yearly meetings, held in central London during the spring and the autumn. At these meetings you will hear a variety of presentations including technical advice on the use of IDEA from developers and support staff, and also on use of IDEA within their organisations from other members of the User Group.

This web-page plays host to a range of documents, meeting notes and agendas free for your viewing. Please click on any icon (below) for further details.

There is also a user group forum – please sign up to participate!

If you would like to become a member or find out information on the next IDEA user group meeting then please contact us.