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Spreadsheet Audit Compliance & Examination

SpACE is a risk assessment and audit methodology tool for spreadsheets.
It offers you the opportunity to wrap a monitoring environment around your spreadsheets to enable protection of these often critical assets.

SpACE was originally developed and is still used by HMRC to expose erroneous and fraudulent tax returns from the large corporations.

Why wait for problems to be detected? Act now and find the errors that could significantly impact your organisation.

SpACE can be used to reveal potential issues related to the following areas: hidden cells, rows or columns, formulae, formatting, data links, scenarios and consolidation. When examining a spreadsheet, SpACE will also maintain a record which can be used to support the spreadsheet’s validity.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive to use and quick to deliver due to a high degree of automation
  • Any size and complexity of workbook can be analysed
  • Cost beneficial to the audit process
  • Cracks all protection codes and exposes everything no matter how cleverly hidden
  • Six colour coded maps provide an instant analysis of every important aspect for each worksheet

SpACE minimises the investment of valuable resources to ensure that spreadsheets meet corporate governance and compliance standards. Available to purchase as a perpetual or annual licence and is also included within our training course: Investigating spreadsheet risk.

AuditWare has the rights to distribute SpACE worldwide, so even if you are not in the UK & Ireland you can still benefit from this unique solution!

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