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Personnel & Equality Act Workshop

Course Overview

Simon Goodley’s report on the gender pay gap showed just how far many UK organisations trail behind the letter of law. And it is not just small companies. As the article went on to state, two years ago city council workers pressed ahead on compensation claims over missed bonuses – the council has stated that it will cost over £750 million to settle these equal pay claims.

In today’s environment of value added audits, many of our clients from both the audit function and data analytics arena are looking to create audits / tests that offer measurable business value to their organisations. As a result, we have seen a rapid increase in requests for bespoke courses and the development of industry specific scenario training. This workshop is all about equipping you, our clients, with the tools to pro-actively search out inequality and conflicts of interest. It offers an ideal opportunity to show-case that your area is actively looking to meet the challenges of the business.

Given the potential sensitivity of data under discussion, this 1 day in-house workshop can be delivered within your own premises or here at our offices in Tunbridge Wells.

Delegate Requirements

To attend this workshop, delegates should be regular users of IDEA who are competent with basic IDEA functionality covered in our accredited foundation level course CI901 Introduction to IDEA Data Analysis. e.g. Summarisation, Stratification, basic Database Connectivity (Joins) and basic Data Manipulation (Equation Editor).

Delegates are expected to be self-starters who are confident at ‘having a go’ at solving more complex data relationships.

Training Scenarios

We warm up with an introduction to Blue Sky Consultancy and their policy of re-employing employees on fixed term contracts. An Initial Analysis of Leavers enables us to assess if

  • The policy of fixed term contracts has been a success.
  • Current employee departmental distribution highlights unusual departmental churn.

We then focus on the Equal Pay Act, specifically looking for both gender and racial discriminatory behavior. But, this is Intermediate Level Training. Discrimination is never easy to find. Our delegates have to dig down two, three and even four levels of testing to prove what appears to be discriminatory behavior.

Delegates will then be introduced to more complex IDEA statistical functionality in our search for unusual salaries.

We round off our analyses by looking at potential Conflicts of Interest within the Organisation.

IDEA Functionality Covered

In order to achieve the above value added analyses, we push delegates to the highest levels of IDEA usage – Visual Connector, Equation Editor, the setting of mathematical equations in our statistical analysis of Upper and Lower Bounds, Stratification of Results and the use of IDEA Pivot Tables etc. We present an overview of statistical analysis within IDEA and look in detail at utilising advanced methodology such as Standard Deviation to identify discriminatory practice.

Moving Forward


Delegates who attend this workshop and wish to sit the CaseWare certification examination will be exempt from Day 1 of our accredited intermediate level course CI902 Intermediate Use of IDEA Data Analysis. Day 2 is sufficient to cover the remaining advanced material in preparation for the examination. An appropriate discount will be made to the cost.


For those clients who wish to move forward with testing on their own data, we can follow up this workshop with consultancy days to help you develop specific additional tests. Discrimination is not just about comparable salaries. Your own data may for example enable you to prove that, within your own organisation, equal opportunity for advancement is available to all – regardless of gender, ethnicity and disability.

In-house training

Minimum number 4, maximum number 8 per course.

Price (per person) on request – capped trainer travel expenses will be charged.

To book or discuss in-house training, please call +44 (0)1892 512348 or email training@auditware.co.uk