Training & Events

Training Approach

Many of our courses have been re-written from the ground up – adopting an approach that fully meets the training requirements of today’s more challenging environment. We want to help our clients transform their use of analytics by delivering new business orientated training scenarios that can help foster their own analytics development. For example, our intermediate analysis scenarios now include

  • Organisational Change Strategies (Personnel Analysis)
  • Tests of Business Rules and Analytics (Stock Control Analysis)
  • Adherence to Policies and Procedures (Personnel Analysis)
  • Recommendation of practical changes to systems and processes for subsequent implementation (Stock Control)

CaseWare Certification Programme

In an exciting new development, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new era for Data Analytics professionalism. The introduction of the CaseWare Analytics Certification Programme provides a standardised certification route that demonstrates our clients’ ability to utilise CaseWare Analytics technology in their daily analysis and/or audit work.

Scheduled Training Courses

Please note that all dates, times, and locations are subject to change.